Inspiring Us

Organizations of every kind feel tremendous pressure to develop reliable, systematic approaches to innovation. But when something persists as a challenge, when it’s a never-ending source of anxiety, that’s a good clue that something is missing. But what?

In a word: Inspiration.

That’s what inspired us to develop the Inspiring Us series of workshops, to help you learn to find inspiration in new ways and new places—when you need it.

Why focus on inspiration? Innovating today requires that we seek inspiration, which really means that, rather than counting on raw, innate creativity, we look for clues that direct and shape our creative energy. Inspiration provides us with the clues to uncover solutions and discover ideas for our innovations.

We don’t believe in waiting for inspiration to come to you. When you await inspiration, you are at the mercy of others. When you seek inspiration, you are in control of your sustainability and growth. 

Inspiring Us Workshops

Inspired by Nature

Learn to use nature to inspire the creativity necessary to innovate in new ways and at an accelerated pace.

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Inspired by Customers

Learn how to gather customer insights and identify unmet needs so you can pinpoint new strategic opportunities.

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Inspired by Fact & Fiction

Learn how to search history, embrace science fiction, and become your own futurist to find the inspiration you need to innovate like there’s no tomorrow.

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