Inspired by Nature

About the Workshop

Inspired by Nature Workshop

Nothing in nature is accidental. Over billions of years, nature has figured out how to survive, thrive and sustain itself.

What can we learn from nature and how can we apply those lessons to our challenges? What can nature teach us that we can copy or leverage? How can we make sure our solutions are sustainable for both our organizations and the world around us?

The “Inspired by Nature” workshop is an in-depth study of why nature is the most creative, most efficient, and most inspirational of all the forces in the world. Through classroom time and fieldwork exercises, we will discover how to recognize and identify ways to emulate and leverage nature's forms, processes and ecosystems. 

Learn to use nature to inspire the creativity necessary to innovate in new ways and at an accelerated pace.

What Will Inspire You

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Generate ideas and solutions to human problems by emulating strategies from nature.
  • Explore the way life works.
  • Describe the way nature works.
  • Apply BMGI's D4 process (Define-Discover-Develop-Demonstrate) to biomimicry challenges.
  • List resources that are available to leverage the biomimicry community.
  • Define the value biomimicry brings to businesses.
  • Identify nature’s models.
  • Dive deeper into bio-research to discover the hidden functions in nature.
  • Use immersive studies of nature to identify functions and strategies (naturography).
  • Identify functions in human design challenges.
  • Identify functions from biological organisms.
  • Design products, processes, and systems and business models by emulating nature’s forms, processes and ecosystems.
  • Design measures to track the success of your biomimicry efforts.
  • Design products, processes, systems and business models that are sustainable.
  • Sell biomimicry within your organization.

Who Should Attend?


  • Intro to biomimicry
  • Biology 101
  • Functions in biology and human design
  • Designing with biomimicry
  • Bio-inspired design for product, process and systems/business model
  • Natureography (immersive observation of nature)
  • Nature as model, mentor and measures (sustainability)
  • Life’s Principles
  • Fieldwork
  • Communicating biomimicry to your organization

Participants will engage in multiple fieldwork activities:

  • Part 1 – Natureography (first-level observations)
  • Part 2 – Functions in nature
  • Part 3 – Scale (ecosystem, macro level and micro level)
  • Part 4 – Solving my challenge using natureography